Abb-Covariant: agreement for e-commerce robots

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30 gennaio 2020
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9 marzo 2020

Abb-Covariant: agreement for e-commerce robots

ABB and Covariant, an US startup specialized in A.I., announced a partnership aimed at developing robotic solutions equipped with artificial intelligence intended for the autonomous management of e-commerce distribution procedures.

The two companies share a strong momentum towards innovation and a shared vision in which clever robots work alongside human operators while evolving their skills in a constant path of learning and improvement. Now, thanks to this new synergy and the use of the Covariant Brain developed by the Silicon Valley startup, the enormous potential of intelligent automation can be exploited at its best.

It is expected that, within 5 years, the global e-commerce turnover will rise by over 50% and, in light of this sharp surge, ABB identified several areas in which A.I. robotic solutions could give a dramatic contribution, such as logistics, warehousing and sorting of parcels and mails.

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