EAM 36: a new series for Eltra Encoders

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23 ottobre 2019
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6 dicembre 2019

EAM 36: a new series for Eltra Encoders

To meet the needs of high performance and absolute-type devices with compact dimensions by machinery manufacturers and, more generally, by industrial automation’s players, ELTRA introduces the renewed absolute multiturn encoders of the EAM 36 series.

Available with SSI or CanOpen interface, thanks to compact dimensions and high performance, the encoders represent an ideal solution suitable for various application areas.

The revolution counting principle used in the EAM 36 series, based on the Wiegand system, allows the generation of energy, regardless of the rotation speed, thanks to the magnetic flux generated by the rotation itself. The energy produced is enough to supply the speed control circuit even without external power supply.

Compared to traditional gear technology, the energy recovery system has the advantage of not having friction due to movement, therefore it does not show mechanical wear.
Furthermore, the absence of the buffer battery avoids problems due to maintenance and related machine downtime due to exhaustion of the same, and allows the use in environmental conditions that would impede the use with battery solutions.

36 mm diameter and 49 mm height: these compact dimensions allow applications even in small spaces, thus making them suitable for satisfying small space requirements such as lifting systems, industrial machinery and medical equipment. The resolution of 55 bits (15 for the single-turn data, 40 for the multi-turn part), the availability of both versions with protruding and blind shaft, the operating speed up to 10,000 rpm and the working temperature range of -30 / + 100 ° C make the EAM 36 series a product with performance suitable for multiple industrial applications.

The data transmission can take place with SSI or CanOpen interface, with a wide choice of connectors to facilitate wiring.

ELTRA, with this new absolute multiturn encoders’ series, wishes to offer an increasingly complete and performing range, able to satisfy multiple application sectors.

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