Fanuc: a step into the future

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16 ottobre 2019
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Fanuc: a step into the future

Fanuc has developed new Artificial Intelligence features for his numerical control devices features for the numerical control devices.

Among the new features introduced by the Japanese corporation specialized in industrial automation:

• “Smart Feed Axis Acceleration / Deceleration“, able to identify the actual moment of inertia of the piece being processed, thereby adjusting the optimal servomotor’s acceleration;

• The “Edge Analyzing Unit” allows you to monitor the machine’s operation and it can be installed together with any Fanuc cnc, including those less recent;

• “AI Servo Monitoring” analyzes and evaluates spindle and feed axis data supplied by servo drives. Thanks to the artificial intelligence, anomalies in the collected data are immediately identified and notified. Extremely useful for the timely planning of maintenance interventions AI Servo Monitoring is a specific function of the MT LINKi software;

• “Servo Learning Oscillation”, which allows the automation of turning processes, even for long cycles, easing the evacuation of chips and allowing the programming of unattended processing in complete safety;

• “Fine Surface Technology” allows you to add a decimal place while defining the axes’ portion, thus significantly reducing errors due to approximation;

• “Smart Rigid Tapping” involves a reduction of up to 35% of cycle times in tapping operations;

• “Fast Cycle Time Technology” allows you to set several parameters at once, shortening the execution time.

Alongside these features, newly introduced or subject to upgrades, the latest generation of Fanuc cncs boasts improvements in the iHmi user interface, an increasing simplicity in programming and the integration of the latest processors in the control units.

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