About Us

AllForIndustries is a technical directory of products for industry, which gathers the main manufacturers and the product types divided by sector, scope and category.
It has been created as a work tool intended for suppliers, dealers, distributors, engineers, manufacturers and system integrators, who have at their disposal an organic and detailed list of all the items and their producers in the world of industrial supplies.

In one word: AllForIndustries


AllForIndustries has been developed by a team of professionals in the trade of products for industry with a long-standing experience built-up in our mother company: Intech Automazione.

Our multilingual team is at your disposal for any information and advice regarding supplies, availability and quotations.


AllForIndustries is a showcase for your products: an user-friendly and rationally arranged catalogue intended for experts and laymen. It is a consistent exhibition space that could give further visibility to your offer. If you want to include your company’s profile, or a set of specific products and information about your business, contact us at sales@allforindustries.com




Product categories

Product types

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