Snow shoveling? It’s up to robots!

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9 luglio 2019
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Snow shoveling? It’s up to robots!

Robots can change their ‘abilities’ in order to the year’s season. You don’t believe it?

Left Hand Robotics, a company that makes an autonomous mobile robot for cutting grass on large fields and that transforms into a snow clearing robot in winter by simply switching out attachments, has raised $3.6 million to build out its team and expand distribution.

“We looked at labor-intensive industries to see where robots could dramatically reduce the workload and where labor was scarce. The landscaping industry is second only to construction in terms of the high demand for workers that’s unmet” says company’s CEO and Co-founder Terry Olkin. “Now workers can focus on complex tasks and offload the most repetitive, labor-intensive tasks to a robot. One of the most physically taxing chores is snow shoveling – a robot can clear snow much faster with no risk of worker injury.”

The robot operates autonomously using GPS RTK technology to follow a pre-programmed path with accuracy down to the inch. It is always connected to the cloud and is controlled by a smartphone app that provides real-time monitoring. Sophisticated safety features leverage RADAR and LIDAR technology can detect people and obstacles, and six onboard cameras can provide a real-time view and capture photos of work completed.

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